The tandoor clay oven – helping you serve up traditional food with traditional methods

Essentially a huge clay stove, the Tandoor sees all the food to be cooked put inside, whereupon it’s supplies a very high, dry warm. Popular in food preparation from Southern, Central as well as Western Asia, the Tandoor creates its warmth commonly from charcoal or timber fire which is permitted to melt within the clay stove itself, with temperatures reaching highs of 480 degrees. Made with clay sourced from a select location in North India, where the best Tandoor clay is to be found, the clay oven from The Tandoor Clay Oven utilises century’s old production strategies as well as experience. With 8 stainless-steel skewers with appealing wood handles, in addition to 2 naan bread poles and a naan bread pillow, you’re perfectly positioned to feed those hungry guests. Including a full collection of direction, the clay stove from The Tandoor Clay Oven has the ability to be established correctly to make certain that your food is prepared right the first time.

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