What is a greek pizza?

Nevertheless, there is a lot of proof that shows that pizza progressed at the same time in numerous various nations. In the USA, early restaurants were either run by Greek or Italian immigrants. Despite a Greek pizza, a tomato sauce covers the base onto which the other ingredients are included. Nevertheless, the sauce normally only includes tomatoes and also natural herbs, with no onions added. The less apparent type of Greek pizza is a regular pizza whose base is made in the Greek design. It is common dough, however has an oily bouncy structure and is much thicker than an Italian pizza base. To quit the pizza from sticking, oil is rubbed onto the food preparation pan. Normally, Greek pizza is sold with a Greek salad or gyros, as an accompaniment. Tzatziki sauce is made of stretched yoghurt, cucumber, diced garlic, salt, olive oil as well as pepper.

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