What is a greek pizza?

People presume that pizza was first made by the Italians. These toppings consist of gyros, Greek meats, spinach, feta cheese, onion, Kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes and also eco-friendly bell peppers. Despite a Greek pizza, a tomato sauce covers the base onto which the other components are included. Nonetheless, the sauce typically just includes tomatoes as well as natural herbs, with no onions added. It is standard dough, but has an oily springy texture and also is much thicker than an Italian pizza base. Therefore it can be a lot more quickly prepared in a regular stove. Normally, Greek pizza is marketed with a Greek salad or gyros, as an enhancement. Gyros is a meal, which consists of meat, tomato, onion and also tzatziki sauce. In some cases dill, lemon juice, parsley or mint are likewise added. By 1930, there were 50,000 Greek immigrants within New york city. Unlike the Italians who opened up shops selling only pizza, the Greek immigrants always sold various other foods alongside their pizzas.

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