Tuesday, February 18, 2020
The New Chambers    Cafe Restaurant
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Cold Seafood Platter for 2           
Blue Swimmer Crabs, King Prawns, Oysters, Octopus Vinaigrette

Hot Seafood Platter for 2
A selection of fresh & char grilled seafood guaranteed to satisfy you
Swimmer Crabs, Oysters, BBQ Prawns, BBQ Octopus, Pan Fried Calamari,
Mussels in red sauce served on a bed of our famous home made chips


Mixed Char Grilled Meat Platter for 4
Souvlaki, quails, pork chops, lamb cutlets, sausages & home made chips
Cold Seafood & Meat Platter for 2

A selection of fresh seafood & char grilled meat platter - our specialty
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